The 2x2x2, also known as the Pocket Cube, is a cube that has 6 sides, and 4 cubes on each side. The 2x2x2 is a simpler cube compared to any cube larger than it, such as a 3x3x3, 4x4x4, and so on. The 2x2 was invented by Ernő Rubik. Many different companies produce the 2x2x2, including Eastsheen, V-Cube, and Dayan. The record for the 2x2x2 is 0.58 seconds, set by Rami Sbahi from the USA and the average record is also held by Rami Sbahi with a time of 1.55 seconds. The most common Speedcubing method for the 2x2 is the CLL method where you first do the first layer then you use 1 Algorithm to solve the second layer.

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