From left to right: Rubik's Pocket Cube, Eastsheen cube, V-Cube 2, V-Cube 2b.

The 2x2x2, also known as the Pocket Cube, is a cube that has 6 sides, and 4 cubes on each side. The 2x2x2 is a simpler cube compared to any cube larger than it, such as a 3x3x3, 4x4x4, and so on. The 2x2 was invented by Ernő Rubik. Many different companies produce the 2x2x2, including Eastsheen, V-Cube, and Dayan.

As of 22 April 2018, the record for the 2x2x2 is 0.49 seconds, set by Maciej Czapiewski from Poland at the Grudziądz Open 2016, and the average record is also held by Maciej Czapiewski with a time of 1.35 seconds, set at the Warsaw Cube Masters 2018.

The most common Speedcubing method for the 2x2 is the CLL method where you first do the first layer then you use 1 Algorithm to solve the second layer.


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