This is a jumbled Helicopter Cube. Both jumbled corners are bandages, meaning if anything in their way tries to get past them it won't work unless the puzzle breaks or if the puzzle is yanked really hard.

The term "Bandaging" for Rubik's Puzzles means some pieces cannot move in an otherwise normal turn if the bandage were not there. There have been many puzzles

Bandaging puzzles include but are not limited to:

The Axis and Ghost Cubes and the Mastermorphix are not bandaging puzzles as they are fully functional 3x3 shape mods—if you don't put them in the correct 3x3 position they do not have corner cutting So of course, they wouldn't turn.

Trivia Edit

  • If you stick on a 3x3 on top of each other with an adhesive, you get a Siamese Puzzle. This is also a bandaging puzzle because each cube has its own core, so when a layer connected with the other cube attempts to turn it will not work. This is further proven if you put the two cubes side by side, stick them together, and try to play with them like you are playing with a regular 3x3x6.