The Dayan Taiyan was the first cube made by the Dayan company. It is a good cube that is worse than a V-Cube 3 ,but was still better than all of the other 3x3s made during its time. It is the same size as any other standard cube.


The inside of a taiyan is quite blocky unlike other Dayan cubes. The cubies making up the cube look similair to the ones on a Rubik's brand cube. Unlike most Dayan cubes this ones cubies are not put together with separate pieces but comes all in one. This cube does not have torpedos which are little pieces that prevent the cube from popping. To cover each cubie there is a cap for one of the sides only on corner cubies.


This cube can corner cut almost the same as the other cubes in the Dayan series, but reverse corner cutting is not the greatest. The cube turns well though it is clicky due to pieces rubbing against each other. The cube works best after being lubricated and when it is broken in. Overall the performance of this cube is good, but not any where close to the zhanchi, guhong v2, haiyan memory, lingyun v2, panshi, etc. This cube would be good for just coming from a Rubiks brand. It is Dayan's first 3x3, but Vcube's first 3x3 is so much better than this. Overall, I rate this a 4/10.