4-colored Dino Cube.

The Dino Cube is a vertex-cut cube, so-called because the original model had pictures of dinosaurs on the stickers. It is also called the "X-Cube" because the cuts intersect the faces as saltires.

581 big

6-colored Dino Cube.

It is one of the easiest twisty puzzles to solve, partly because the pieces cannot lose their orientation.


The Dinomorphix.

There is also the Dinomorphix that does not actually shape-shift. It is a tetrahedron. It turns by face and corners.

A variant is the Super X-Cube (not to be confused with the 3x5x5 Super X-Cube), which adds 2x2x2 face cuts to the puzzle and makes it somewhat more difficult.

Scrambled Rubik's Cube
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