The Domino Cube is a 2x3x3 that can make only 180-degree turns for the places where the cube looks like it can jumble, which means that this puzzle doesn't jumble. However, on the 3x3 sides, 90-degree turns are legal.

It has two 3x3x3 sides, one black or dark brown, the other white. Each face is marked with the domino symbols for 1 to 9 (hence the name), although for some unknown reason the 7 symbol is a U instead of the usual H. The solved state is when the dark and light sides are together again, with each symbol on the U side being above the corresponding symbol on D.

It is a cuboid. It was one of the first cuboids, if not the first.

A Domino Cube can be simulated in Ultimate Magic Cube by creating a 6x6x6 and bandaging it.

Scrambled Rubik's Cube
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