It has been suggested that all strict variants of the Megaminx such as the Hectominx, Gigaminx, Teraminx, Holey Megaminx, and etc., should be merged into the Megaminx article.

If you have any thoughts on this, post them on the Template:MergeMegaminx Talk Page.

The Kilominx is the smaller version of the Megaminx, missing edge and middle pieces just like the regular 2x2. It is also known as the Flowerminx.


The Kilominx.

The Master Kilominx is like a 4x4 Megaminx.

The Elite Kilominx is like a 6x6 Megaminx and has only been produced by Shengshou so far.

Its only smaller brother is the Hectominx.

Master Kilominx

The Master Kilominx.


The Elite Kilominx.

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