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2x2 Cube3x3x5 records4 look last layer
4x4x6 records6x6Algorithms
Beginner's MethodBeginner Fridrich MethodCalvins and Tom z 4x4x6
Collin BurnsConcave cubeCube colour expirement
Cube theoryCubiesCuboid
Current eventsDayanDayan 5 Zhanchi
Dayan TaiyanDisassembling a Rubik's cubeErno Rubik
Feliks ZemdegsFloppy CubeFridrich Method
Gear cubeGigaminxGigaminx records
Guoguan YuexiaoHeise MethodHoley Megaminx
How to solve a rubik's cubeJessica FridrichJunior Cube
Kevin HaysLego CubeLingao
LubixLubricationLucas Etter
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Mirror CubeMoYu CubesMoYu HuaLong
Moyu AoLongNotationNotation/Improved
OLLOLL ShortcutsOskar Van Deventer
Over the TopPLLPatterns
Petrus MethodProfessor's PyraminxProfessor Cube
PyraminxPyraminx CrystalPyramorphix
QiYi ThunderclapRami sbahiRedKB
Richard CarrRiver Hill fall 2015Roux Method
Rubik's BearRubik's BrandRubik's Cube (3x3x3)
Rubik's RevengeRubik's TowerRubik's Tower (2x2x4)
Rubik's TriamidSebastian WeyerShape mod
SkewbSkewb DiamondSoftware
Some Patterns of the Rubik's CubeSpeedCube TimerSpeedcubing
Square 1Square 2Starminx
Sticker modSuper Square 1Techniques
Tom & Dan's Pillowed 3x5x5 CuboidTomaki okayamaU.S. Nationals
Ultimate Magic CubeUltimate Magic Cube/UMC2 ListUnited States National Championships 2011
V-Cube 6V-Cube 7Vandenbergh-Harris Method
Void CubeWiki RecordsWorld Championship 2015
World recordsYJ cubesYu Da-Hyun
ZZ MethodZborowski-Bruchem MethodZygmunt's Cube

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