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2 look Oll2x2 Cube
3x3x5 records4 Color Mastermorphix4 look last layer
4x4x6 records6x6Algorithms
Beginner's MethodBeginner Fridrich Method
Calvins and Tom z 4x4x6Collin BurnsConcave cube
Cube colour expirementCube theory
CubiesCuboidCurrent events
DayanDayan 5 ZhanchiDayan Taiyan
Disassembling a Rubik's cube
Erno RubikFeliks Zemdegs
Floppy CubeFridrich MethodGear cube
GigaminxGigaminx recordsGuoguan Yuexiao
Heise MethodHoley MegaminxHow to solve a rubik's cube
Jessica FridrichJunior CubeKevin Hays
Lego CubeLingao
LubixLubricationLucas Etter
Main PageMarcin Kowalczyk
Mats ValkMegaminxMethods
MoYu CubesMoYu HuaLong
Moyu AoLongNotationOLL
OLL ShortcutsOskar Van DeventerOver the Top
PLLPatternsPetrus Method
Professor's PyraminxProfessor CubePyraminx
QiYi ThunderclapRami sbahiRedKB
Richard CarrRiver Hill fall 2015
Roux MethodRubik's Brand
Rubik's Cube (3x3x3)Rubik's RevengeRubik's Tower
Rubik's Tower (2x2x4)Rubik's Triamid
Sebastian Weyer
SkewbSkewb DiamondSoftware
SpeedCube TimerSpeedcubing
Square 1Super Square 1
TechniquesTeraminxTeraminx records
TheCubicle.usThe all patterns of rubiks cube
Tom & Dan's Pillowed 3x5x5 CuboidTomaki okayamaU.S. Nationals
United States National Championships 2011V-Cube 6V-Cube 7
Vandenbergh-Harris MethodVoid CubeWiki Records
World Championship 2015World recordsYJ cubes
Yu Da-HyunZZ MethodZborowski-Bruchem Method
Zygmunt's Cube

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