The term "mass produced" means that puzzles are produced in mass quantities. These include:


The MoYu 13x13x13.

Few icosahedron puzzles are mass produced, the only known exceptions being Oskar's Icosaix and the Radiolarian 2. The Yottaminx is not mass produced. One would previously have to hand make the Monominx, the 1x1 Megaminx, in order to obtain it; but in December 2017 they became available at, along with a 1x1 Pyraminx.

When a puzzle is not mass produced, the puzzle will usually cost over $200 (in some cases, over $1000) because it is so rare. That makes some puzzles really not worthy to get — but some, like the icosahedron puzzles including Dogics, are somewhat worth getting. In other cases, you have to hand make some puzzles like the Monominx and some other not mass produced puzzles, and though this sometimes saves money this takes too much time.