a solved Megaminx

The Megaminx is a dodecahedron-shaped puzzle with 12 faces. It was made at about the same time as the original Rubik's cube. The Megaminx may seem more difficult than the standard Rubik's Cube, but in fact it can be easier - due to the large number of sides, one turn will not disturb as many faces, and all but the final face can be solved with similar algorithm usage to the regular 3x3. A center-less Megaminx (similar to the Void Cube) is also manufactured under the name "Holey Megaminx" or the "Void Megaminx". In 1982 The Meffert Company made a puzzle that is a lot like the Megaminx, called the Pyraminx Crystal.


  • This cube has 284 to the power of 63 possible permutations


There are many variations of this puzzle with the Megaminx at its core such as the "Starminx II" or the "Kilominx", as well as a variety of shape moifications such as the "Hexaminx" and "Reuleaux-Minx". Higher layered variations include the Gigaminx, which has two rotating layers on every face, the Teraminx, which has three and the Petaminx, which has four.

Megaminx Records Edit

The current record for the Megaminx single is a time of 37.58 by Yu Da-Hyun of South Korea. She also holds the average record for the Megaminx of 42.89 seconds.