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MoYu is a cube manufacturer that creates a number of different puzzles. It is a branch of YJ.

MoYu has Feliks Zemdegs, a world record holder, as a sort of "mascot", and there is a picture of Feliks on almost every MoYu cube package, although some newer boxes have a picture of that specific cube's designer instead.

Cubes ManufacturedEdit

Rubik's CubesEdit

  • AoLong: The AoLong is one of MoYu's most recent cubes. It can turn very quickly, but corner flips happen.
  • WeiLong: The WeiLong is known as MoYu's most uncontrollable cube. It has excellent corner cutting, especially the reverse corner cutting. It is considered as one of the best 3x3 cubes.
  • Huanying: The Huanying is very fast and has excellent corner cutting, but it is also very loud. (This factor will not affect much.)
  • Liying: The Liying has good corner cutting and a fast speed.
  • Tanglong: The Tanglong has a controllable feeling, good corner cutting, and no corner twists and pops.

2x2 CubesEdit

  • LingPo: The LingPo is fast and crunchy.
  • TangPo: The TangPo has fairly good corner cutting.


  • Pyraminx: The Pyraminx is smooth, fast, and has a clicky feel that most pyraminxes have.

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