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MoYu is a cube manufacturer that creates a number of different puzzles. It is a branch of YJ. Their color scheme includes blue, orange, green, and yellow.

MoYu has Feliks Zemdegs, a world record holder, as a sort of "mascot", and there is a picture of Feliks on some MoYu cube packages, although now most have an Asian speedcuber holding up a solved MoYu 3x3. The Fisher Cube box has a picture of Tony Fisher holding up a solved fisher cube.


The Asian speedcuber holding up a MoYu 3x3 on the sides of the boxes.

Cubes ManufacturedEdit

Rubik's CubesEdit

  • AoLong: The AoLong is one of MoYu's most recent cubes. It can turn very quickly, but corner flips happen.
  • WeiLong: The WeiLong is known as MoYu's most uncontrollable cube. It has excellent corner cutting, especially the reverse corner cutting. It is considered as one of the best 3x3 cubes.
  • HuanYing: The HuanYing is very fast and has excellent corner cutting, but it is also very loud. (This factor will not affect much.)
  • LiYing: The LiYing has good corner cutting and a fast speed.
  • Tanglong: The Tanglong has a controllable feeling, good corner cutting, and no corner twists and pops.

2x2 CubesEdit

  • LingPo: The LingPo is fast and crunchy.
  • TangPo: The TangPo has fairly good corner cutting.

Square 1 Cubes Edit

  • WeiLong: The Weilong was the first Square 1 series that MoYu produced.
  • Guanlong: The Guanlong is extremely lubricated and fast. At first seems almost perfect, but if speedcubers try to be too fast on this cube the edges will break easily—there is a lack of an interlocking mechanism, making the pieces also very easy to take out. Otherwise, it has great quality.



A 13x13x13 Rubik's cube from MoYu.

  • Pyraminx: The Pyraminx is smooth, fast, and has a clicky feel that most Pyraminges have.
  • 13x13x13: The 13x13 is the highest order puzzle that is mass-produced. They have great quality and are pillowed, and when the cuber first buys the puzzle the cube is purposefully misaligned. The 13x13 was used for Tony Fisher's fake 28x28x28.
  • Fisher Cube: The Fisher Cube is very stable and a great puzzle; the mechanism is great. Unfortunately, the cube is not so lubricated when the cuber first receives it and they have to lubricate it themselves.

The Fisher Cube package with Tony Fisher on it. There is a message that says "Hii, my name is Tony Fisher and I was 14 years old when the Rubik's Cube first came to Great Britain in 1980. I quickly became obsessed with it and after 3 days I had worked out m own solution. As well as solving puzzles I collected them, but there weren't very many in the 1980s so I started to make my own. I was probably the first person to make puzzles this way and the Fisher cube is the one I am most well known for. I made it in the mid 80s and although it;s similar to a regular Rubik's Cube to solve, extra processors are required to deal with the centres. It's a funny twisted cube for puzzle fans." There is also the same message in Chinese on the box.

  • FengHuoLun Windmill Cube: The windmill cube is also very stable and a great puzzle.
  • KingKong Axis Cube: This puzzle is great and very lubricated. It is very stable.