There are at least two contenders for the title of "Most expensive Rubik's Cube".


The Masterpiece Cube.

The single most expensive Cube, the Masterpiece Cube, was created in 1995, for the 15th anniversary of the Cube attaining international popularity, by Diamond Cutters International.[1] It is estimated to be worth US$2.5 million (2016 value).[2] It is part of the "Beyond Rubik's Cube" exhibition.[3] It is made with 25 gems on each "sticker".

Over the Top

A non-stickered 17x17x17.

Over the Top Stickered

A stickered 17x17x17, held up by RedKB.

The most expensive Cube in regular manufacture is believed to be the "Over the Top" (17×17×17) cube. To obtain one you need to purchase "Part 1 of 7"[4] (July 2017 price US$275.90) plus six of "Part 2 of 7"[5] (July 2017 price US$395), for a total cost of US$2645.90; but as the cube is shown without stickers, leaving the edges and corners black in the illustration (or white in the purchased version), you probably also need a set of stickers from Olivér's (July 2017 price €8, or US$9.39), increasing the total price to US$2655.29. Alternatively, you could order a ready-assembled and stickered one from Oskar Van Deventer, price unknown.


The MoYu 13x13x13.

A more modest alternative is the YJ MoYu 13×13×13 cube, available for a mere £192.96 (US$253.47).[6]



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