The Skewb was invented by Tony Durham. It is a puzzle that has four turning axles. It has little metal pieces in it to fix the sides into the right positions. The weight of a Skewb is normally about 150g. It is a deep vertex-cut cube; each cut divides the cube into two congruent pieces by a hexagonal plain which passes through all six faces at two adjacent edge centres.

It is said that the Pyraminx (ignoring the corners) and the Tetraminx are isomorphic with the Skewb; that is, a solution for either will work on the other.

Bigger SkewbsEdit

Higher order Skewbs, named Master Skewb and Elite Skewb, have also been made. They have more layers. There is also the Skewb Diamond, Skewb Xtreme, and the Skewb Ultimate.

World Records Edit

The single world record for the Skewb is 1.68 seconds, set by Jan Beltage, and the average is 2.99 seconds, set by Michael Rezwuzki.

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