The Square 2 is like the Square 1 as it is a variation of the Square 1, but it removes the bandaging problem in the Square 1 as the kite shaped corner pieces in the Square 1 are split in two. This makes the Square 2 much easier to mix up but a little harder to solve, as one would need to fix the corner pieces and know the color scheme as well as not mixing up the corners when solving.

Mixed Up Square 2

The messed up Square 2.

The solution for this cube is to get the corner pieces in the correct places so that it would be formatted like a Square 1 mixup. One would need to know the cube's color scheme fairly well. After that, one can solve it as a Square 1.

There are actually 2 solutions to this puzzle; one of them being the regular color scheme and the other being the red and blue switching around and orange and green switching around, though red will still be across from orange.