Tom and Dan's Pillowed 3x3x5 is a collaboration cube made by YouTube usernames CrazyBadCuber and tom16031998/Dan and Tom. The cube was inspired by a previously made 5x5x7 when Tom asked Crazybadcuber if it was possible to make a 3x3x5 the same. Dan had already thought about it and decided to try it.

How it was madeEdit

It was made out of a Shengshou 5x5x5 of which the two outer layers were shaved off and made into the pillow shape with epoxy sculpt. The cube's layers are non-proportional to the ones of a 5x5x5.


When scrambling this cube you cannot go head on into shapeshifting. Before shape shifting you have to scramble it like an equal cube so when shapeshifting it does not bandage lowering the puzzle's difficulty by a lot. After that is done you can shapeshift all you want and solve the cube.


  • This cube has an olsing effect
  • This is CrazyBadzCuber's 6th mod made
  • The cube's solve is similar to other cubes like the 5x5x5 or 5x5x4 but with less layers

Dan's VideoEdit

Tom & Dan's Pillowed 3x5x5 Cuboid

Tom & Dan's Pillowed 3x5x5 Cuboid

Crazybadcuber's version of the video