Ultimate Magic Cube is a Windows program which can emulate a variety of twisty puzzles. Several pre-defined puzzles are included (such as the classic Rubik's Cube and the Megaminx), or one can create new ones using any of the five Platonic solids and a choice (or combination) of face, corner and edge cuts (for example, the Pyraminx Crystal, and any of the other cube sizes such as 7x7x7, can be created). It is also possible to create bandaged puzzles. It is even possible to create puzzles such as the Pocket Dino Copter, which would be very difficult if not impossible to make physically.

The program has limitations; in particular, the sticker colours cannot be edited, one cannot create puzzles based on the Kepler-Poinsot solids (such as the Alexander's Star) or Archimedian solids (such as the Barrel), and although it is possible to create the Pyramorphix (as an edge-cut tetrahedron), the edges can only be given 180° twists, so the Pyramophix emulation is not a fully functional one.

Ultimate Magic Cube runs on any Windows system from XP to 10, although on at least some Win10 systems, attempting to set the options causes the program to crash. This can be worked around by installing the program on an earlier version of Windows, setting the options as desired, and copying the installation to the Win10 machine.

Ultimate Magic Cube 2 requires Microsoft .NET Framework 4 (included with Windows 7 and later, can be installed on XP and Vista) and Microsoft XNA Framework 4.0 (a free download). Even with these in place, it does not seem to work on Windows XP (refuses to start). It includes many more puzzles, including puzzles based on Archimedian solids such as the cuboctahedron and the rhombic dodecahedron, and even includes morphing puzzles; but the ability to create new puzzles has been removed. (The "New Puzzle" button actually acts in the same way as "Load Puzzle" did in the previous version.)


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