Scrambled Rubik's Cube
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This page lists the official world records for a variety of cubes. Please feel free to edit this page if it is out of date.

Cubes Edit

Pocket Cube (2x2) Edit

Single: 0.58 seconds (set by Rami Sbahi at Canadian Open 2015)

Average: 1.51 seconds (set by Lucas Etter at Musik City 2015)

Rubik's Cube (3x3) Edit

Single: 4.69 seconds (set by 15 year old Patrick Ponce at Valley at Middletown, Virginia 2017)

Average: 6.54 seconds (set by Feliks Zemdegs at Melbourne Cube Day 2013)

Rubik's Revenge (4x4) Edit

Single: 21.54 seconds (set by Feliks Zemdegs at China Championship 2015)

Average: 26.03 seconds (set by Sebastian Weyer at German Nationals 2014)

Professor Cube (5x5) Edit

Single: 46.97 seconds (set by Feliks Zemdegs at the Melbourne Cube Day 2015)

Average: 50.15 seconds (set by Feliks Zemdegs at Melbourne Cube Day 2015)

6x6 Edit

Single: 1.33.55 minutes (set by Kevin Hays at Indiana 2015)

Average: 1.43.83 minutes (set by Feliks Zemdegs at Melbourne Cube Day 2015)

7x7 Edit

Single: 2.23.55 minutes (set by Feliks Zemdegs at the World Championship 2015)

Average: 2.33.73 minutes (set by Feliks Zemdegs at the World Championship 2015)

Rubik's Cube Blindfolded Edit

Single: 21.05 seconds (set by Kaigun Ling at China Championship 2015)

Average: 25.45 seconds (set by Macin Kolawoczyk at Berlin Summer Cube Day 2015)

Rubik's Cube One-handed Edit

Single: 6.88 seconds (set by Feliks Zemdegs at Canbera Autumn 2015)

Average: 10.87 seconds (set by Antoine Cantin at Toronto Spring 2015)

Rubik's Cube Fewest Moves Edit

19 moves (set by Tim Wong at Irvine Fall 2015)

Rubik's Cube With Feet Edit

Single: 20.57 seconds (set by Jakub Kipta)

Average: 28.41 seconds (set by Gabriel Pereria Campanha)


Physically smallestEdit

Tony Fisher, 5.7mm on a side (1/10 the size of a regular cube in linear dimensions, 1/1000th the volume). April 2016.

Smallest you can buyEdit

The Maru Nano Cube, 15mm on a side. Available in several versions including black and luminous. (Seven Towns do a Rubik-brand one which they claim is the world's smallest, but theirs is 22mm.)

Physically largestEdit

Largest operable by handEdit

Tony Fisher again, 1.57m on a side. April 2016. (Note that the University of Minnesota's claim to this title is false and disingenuous; their cube is only 1m–1.2m on a side, and they were aware of the Fisher example, but basically said "it's not ours so it doesn't count".)

Largest motorisedEdit

In Knoxville, Tennessee. No longer functional.

Largest electronicEdit

A building in Austria whose multicolour LED floodlighting can be controlled from a panel a short distance away.

Largest you can buyEdit

180mm on a side. Details needed, please add them.

Largest number of solved statesEdit

The Molecube (aka Ball Sudoku Cube), which has 80.

Highest orderEdit

As of 2 December 2017:

Highest order you can buyEdit

The 13x13x13. There have been rumours for several months of mass-produced 15x15x15 and 17x17x17 puzzles, but so far nothing has come of these.

Most expensiveEdit

Article: Most Expensive Cube

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